Vitashine Vegan Vitamin D3

Vitashine is a 100% vegan and vegetarian suitable Vitamin D3 product. Vitashine is registered with the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society, and our research data has been validated by independent expert Laboratories (including world renowned Stirling University).

The Big Question: What is it?
Our exclusive vegan Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) comes from a special, organic plant source called a Lichen. We analysed the plant itself, the processed (filtered) material, and the extracted oil to prove and quantify the presence of Vitamin D3.

Vitashine cholecalciferol from lichenThe wonderful world of Lichens
 Lichens are small unique plant species consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus with an algae. This gives them unique attributes such as surviving in extreme climates and having the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Vitamin D3! To look at, Lichen are like moss or small plants and can be found all over the world including the Arctic, Deserts, the ground in forests and all around us growing on gravestones, benches, rocks etc. There are many different species of Lichen, and we work with a carefully selected strain we have proved contains Vitamin D3.

Careful sustainable growing and extraction
A key part of our research was to extract the Vitamin D3 rich oil while retaining stability. We developed a system to extract the oil in a totally light, heat and moisture controlled environment. This is done at the site where the sustainably grown lichen is obtained, to ensure optimum freshness.

A long history of safe use
Safety is our number priority and we carefully selected a lichen that has been used in foods for centuries (and continues to be used today).

How did we know Lichens can contain Vitamin D3?
If you search the internet for ‘lichens and vitamin d3’, you will find a lot of research and data on a wide variety of species. We studied existing research and proceeded to validate results on carefully selected species. We demonstrated the presence of stable levels of Vitamin D3 in a specific lichen strain.

Testing to quantify the levels of Vitamin D3
The most important part of our research was to prove the presence of Vitamin D3 in the lichen itself, the processed material and the extracted oil. We did exactly that.

✓ Raw Lichen material proven to contain
   Vitamin D3.
✓ Processed (cleaned) material proven to contain
   Vitamin D3.
✓ Extracted oily extract proven to contain Vitamin D3

Ensuring optimum purity
Being plant-source, we firstly need to remove all surrounding soil and plant matter of course. By extracting the oil, we are able to ensure optimum purity and stable Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). We test every batch to measure the exact level of D3.