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by Carole C on Vitashine New
Thank you

Great products but I must also say the customer service is first class. You get quick responses to questions with human answers from people that clearly care. Thank you to a company making real differences to peoples lives. Carole

by Polly O on Vitashine New

Vitamin D3 plays a wide role in overall health. As a lady of a certain age and as we prepare for 'no sun' days, I find this vitamin an absolute must! I feel so well and so much more energetic when I take this vitamin and my nails grow too!

by Yvonne on Vitashine New

I was so excited to find Vitashine and delighted with the product. I ordered the 1000iu tablet and its just fab. Tiny so my kids have no problem taking. Well done to the Vitashine team for creating this product we Vegans have been waiting for!

by Frederik on Vitashine New

Fast delivery, great customer service. I will definitely order from here again.

by James Cooper on Vitashine New

Loving the new Vitashine tablets! Real easy to take and perfect for all of my family.

by Sondra, Maryland, USA on Vitashine New

There aren't enough words to tell you how much it means to be able to have products available and not have to choose between my health and condoning any form of animal cruelty.

by Richard T, London, UK on Vitashine New

I strongly recommend Vitashine. I've long been researching the problems with sheep's wool Vitamin D3 and the potential impurities and toxic substances it can contain. After all, sheep's wool has been treated with pesticides and sheep dip. Vitashine is a very good invention.

by Duncan W, Birmingham, UK on Vitashine New

I've seen debates online about Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. The fact is simple, D3 is good for the body, D2 may not be. The overall data does not support D2 being equivalent. Vitashine has given a solution to Vegans that has been sought after for years!

by Stewart A, NJ, USA on Vitashine New

My bloods showed a significant increase in Vitamin D within 1 month of using Vitashine. Simply wonderful.

by Rachel T, Georgia, USA on Vitashine New

I love Vitashine. That is all I have to say.

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